Look you!

Francis Sedgemore, Saturday 1 March 2014 at 12:18 UTC

All I can say on this glorious St David’s Day is, if Scotland votes “Aye!” later this year, Wales should follow in short order with a resounding “Ie!”, and, “Twll tin i’r blydi Saeson!”. They know it makes sense. Or maybe not. They’re a funny lot, the Welsh. Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus i bawb.

No Archers for Scottish listeners following independence

Francis Sedgemore, Wednesday 26 February 2014 at 13:40 UTC

In a threat set to break the will of the people of Scotland, and kill off all hopes of independence from England, UK culture secretary Maria Miller has said that an independent Scotland would lose the BBC, depriving its 5.3 million citizens of their favourite radio soap opera, The Archers. If that were not punishment […]

Chinese LinkedIn with an eye over their shoulder

Francis Sedgemore, Tuesday 25 February 2014 at 11:50 UTC

I see that LinkedIn, the social networking platform geared toward professionals, is looking to expand its operations in China. As with all multinational private corporations doing business in the communist-controlled country, LinkedIn has made a faustian bargain with China’s totalitarian state, offering to do its dirty work of censorship. LinkedIn’s entirely rational commercial move gives […]

London in the dock over air pollution

Francis Sedgemore, Thursday 20 February 2014 at 21:07 UTC

A statement from the No to Silvertown Tunnel campaign… The people of London know all too well the foul state of the air they breathe, and scientific studies confirm that air pollution from motor vehicle exhausts routinely exceeds statutory limits designed to protect our health. Pollution from vehicle fumes can lead to respiratory illness and […]

When the state goes fishing

Francis Sedgemore, Wednesday 19 February 2014 at 14:03 UTC

The English upper classes are a peculiar bunch. Three High Court judges ruled this morning that, whilst the in-transit detention at Heathrow Airport of former Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald‘s domestic partner come journalistic mule David Miranda was “an indirect interference with press freedom”, it was permissible to use anti-terrorism powers for this purpose, despite there […]

UK parliament to investigate EU rules on GM crops

Francis Sedgemore, Friday 14 February 2014 at 0:01 UTC

It has been announced today that European regulations governing the production of genetically modified foods are to be investigated in a cross-party parliamentary inquiry led by the Science and Technology Committee. Critics of the EU rules have long made heavy weather of the commission’s use of the so-called precautionary principle, but from my perspective, as […]

What does Lottie know?

Francis Sedgemore, Thursday 13 February 2014 at 14:39 UTC

…or… “I know nothing about coding, but by golly I know how important it is. The IT consultancy invoice is in the post.” BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones asks whether the so-called “Year of Code” is a vital educational mission or PR fiasco. Now Cellan-Jones is a highly experienced journalist, but in this case he […]

Fuck EU, Ms Nuland!

Francis Sedgemore, Friday 7 February 2014 at 12:41 UTC

Reasoned criticisms aside, the EU’s mediation efforts in Ukraine (note no definite article!) are a significant improvement over the omnishambles that is current US foreign policy. Victoria Nuland should always remember that In the loop is a work of satirical fiction, and not a televisual dramatisation of Washington DC praxis. If Victoria Nuland thinks of […]

Of Boris Johnson’s wharfed view of democracy

Francis Sedgemore, Wednesday 5 February 2014 at 11:26 UTC

The Doge of Greater Londinium, His Most Serene Excellency Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, has in the past couple of days been pontificating over transport workers and industrial strife, calling for a ban on tube strike action unless it is supported by more than 50% of union members involved. With Johnson being such a great […]

Two counties, two churches and a pub – a North Downs cycle ride

Francis Sedgemore, Monday 3 February 2014 at 20:58 UTC

Where: Two counties, two churches and a pub – a North Downs ride When: Saturday 8 February 2014 Meet: 10:00 @ General Wolfe statue in Greenwich Park Until recently, I had for some time been most active local rides leader. But no more. Since her early release from the classroom and vagaries of primary level […]